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About Hennig, Inc.

For over 50 years, Hennig has had one mission: to protect valuable machines and the people who operate them. That singular focus has resulted in a steady stream of innovations and breakthroughs in protective coverings and chip/coolant management systems, propelling Hennig into a leading role in the metalworking industry. State-of-the-art systems from Hennig set the standard for safeguarding machines and components, improving the life of precision machines and accuracy of output. That is why many of the biggest names in metalworking around the world rely on Hennig to protect their machines and men who operate them, year after year. Hennig solutions can be custom-tailored to any machine, workspace, or performance requirement, so they perform precisely as needed to protect your machines. They are supported worldwide with a global sales and service network, which includes facilities and partnerships throughout the industrialized world for fast access to replacement parts and services. So when you work with Hennig, you get the technology you need to protect your machines and the infrastructure you need to protect your competitive position.

Products and services offered by Hennig:

• Telescopic Steel Covers • Chip Conveyors and Chip Disc Filtration (CDF) Systems • Folded Bellows • RoofProtect Machine Roof Bellow Covers • Machine Enclosures • Additive Manufacturing Enclosures • Power Generator Enclosures • Roll-up & Flexible Apron Covers • Wiper Systems • Stabilastic Telescopic Springs • XYZ-Modules • Customer Specific Designs  Making our customers successful. Visit us at: www.hennigworldwide.com

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