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About Vektek LLC

Vektek / From Hydraulic Pumps to Clamps

Vektek designs and manufactures a complete line of hydraulic workholding devices. Our customer service and technical support staff is dedicated to helping you apply Vektek products for a productive and reliable workholding solution. We have found that a successfully implemented power workholding system is a team effort, consisting of -- Team Vektek, possibly an outside fixture designer, and YOU. Working close together with customers has led us to many new innovative product developments to optimize and improve workholding.

Vektek’s New 2020 Solutions

During IMTS 2018, we were bombarded with questions looking for a solution to clamping inside a hole. Specifications were a bit hard to define, but we have a brand-new solution! ID Bore Centering Clamps for holes ranging 1”-5” in diameter. Vektek now offers a complete Vise line. For high tolerance, quality, and long-lasting units, use Vektek Vise for your next project.

World’s smallest High Capacity Work Supports, from a ¾” threaded 1000# model to a 1¾”, 8000# model, no other Work Support compare in performance and size. High Capacity Work Supports save space and weight, while giving you unmatched performance on fixtures.

Also introducing Part Present Sensing High Capacity Work Supports. Pneumatically confirm the part is present and contacted for your robotic applications.

Pump to clamp sourcing on one PO…Our Advanced Workholding Pump is now available in a 2HP version, faster and more direct machine control friendly than ever before! Combine this, with our New Rotary Union Arm, Rotary Unions and exclusive clamps make VEKTEK the source for all your fixture clamping needs.

Vektek’s In The Port Sequence and Flow Control Valves are selling fast and have totally changed the need for difficult deep-hole drilling and complex circuit design. They allow a SINGLE CIRCUIT to feed up to a dozen sequences, INDIVIDUALLY ADJUSTED AND TIMED! Reduce your circuit design time, frustration and deep hole drilling!

Vektek is proud to develop the “WORLD’S ONLY” Cartridge Mount Link Clamp and Twin Lever Link Clamp made possible by our patented 360-degree rotary lug.

Team Vektek is here to assist, call us today!


  • 360 TuffLink Link Clamps
  • Advanced Workholding Pump
  • TuffCam Swing Clamps
  • TuffGrip Work Supports
  • Vektek
  • Vektek Metric
  • VektorAir
  • VektorFlo
  • VersaCam Swing Clamps

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