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2300 S Calhoun Road New Berlin, WI 53151
United States of America

About Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc.

Dynamic protection for machines and humans. Globally, Dynatect continues to grow efficient human-machine protection capabilities throughout multiple industries. From starting in our founder’s garage in Wisconsin over 75 years ago to being a global powerhouse of innovators that others follow in manufacturing safety products.

Shorter lead time…Product and engineering expertise...Extensive solution portfolio...Custom designs (500k+)... Reliability... USA made... Knowledgeable… Global support and service... OSHA-compliant machine guarding... Cleaner and safer environments.

When you work with Dynatect, both sides work together as a team. As a result, you can be confident the product will perform and last in your environment. Discover more of what Dynatect’s solutions and industry examples can do for you at

Dynatect Service Highlights:

  • Broad network of 50+ local factory-trained representatives offer onsite support, technical advice, and recommendations
  • Our engineers and application specialists are keen listeners because knowing the details of your situation is key to coming up with the perfect solution
  • We can draw from over 500,000 customized solutions to offer you the widest range of flexibility, backed by a unique blend of design ingenuity and support from concept through application
  • Access to a full range of materials including metal, engineered plastics, elastomers, and over 120 specialty textiles
  • Over 75 different manufacturing capabilities to meet your unique needs
  • Global support with manufacturing on 3 continents

Dynatect Solution Highlights:

  • High-Speed Automated Machine Safety Doors for Work Cells – Including Laser Doors
  • Machine Door Actuators for Automating-CNC / Robotic-Upgrades
  • Unique Low-Profile Sliding Plate Covers ideal for Z-Axis Protection
  • The Broadest Selection of Bellows including Heat Sealed, Metal Clad, Sewn, Folded, Seamless Molded, and Vulcanized
  • The Largest North American Manufacturer of both Metal and Plastic Cable Carrier
  • The Broadest Selection of Long Travel Cable Carrier Solutions
  • The #1 Global Supplier of Way Wipers
  • Ball Screws and Repair up to 6” Diameter and over 60’ Long
  • Telescopic Covers and Repair
  • XY Face Shields and Repair
  • Fabric and Metal Roll-Up Covers and Repair
  • Machine Doors
  • Machine Tool Pit covers
  • Machine Roof Covers
  • Miniature and Medium In-Line Slip Clutches from 0.5 lb-in to 1000 lb-in
  • Telescopic Springs
  • Machining Center Weld Curtains
  • Custom Molded Elastomers

Product Categories


  • Gortite
  • Gortrac
  • Nylatrac
  • Polyclutch


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