Rollomatic Inc.

Address: 1295 Armour Boulevard
City: Mundelein
State: IL

Country: United States of America

Zip: 60060

Phone: 847-281-8550

Fax: 847-281-8558

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About Rollomatic Inc.

The Rollomatic Group specializes in building CNC tool grinders, peel grinders, and laser cutting machines for the manufacturing of precision cutting tools, indexable inserts and orthopedic instruments. With the company’s grinding centers from Rollomatic and our sister company, Strausak, we provide complete grinding solutions for precision cutting tools in the industrial, aerospace, medical, and dental fields.

Rollomatic machine tools are equipped with easy-to-use tool design software packages, automated tool loading systems, and enhanced wheel changers for ultimate precision and versatility for any cutting tool production needs.

The Rollomatic Group provides outstanding support and service from its North American headquarters in Mundelein, IL and satellite offices in California, Florida, Indiana, and the Northeast.

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