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About Nomura DS

Improving productivity and profitability for high volume manufacturers in automotive, fluid power, and medical devices require careful analysis and out-of-the-ordinary thinking. Nomura DS engineers and applications specialists listen carefully to your needs and then recommend solutions that optimize speed, accuracy, and reliability for your best ROI.
The unique technologies we offer:
  • NomuraSwiss: Swiss-style turning centers for precise cutting of difficult-to-machine materials while obtaining fine finishes and extending tool life.
  • iFP: Vacuum parts washers that thoroughly clean even difficult, complex parts while recapturing solvents to protect the workplace environment.
  • Schütte: Multi-spindle automatic machines that feature spindles, slides, linear technology and more on just one platform to achieve fast and precise results.

Nomura Swiss

The very nature of a sliding headstock machine requires greater attention to detail, which has always been a distinguishing characteristic of NomuraSwiss machines. Here are a few examples of how NomuraSwiss creates exceptional Swiss-style machine tools:
  • Hand scraping guiding surfaces to enhance stability and reduce friction. This painstaking process yields an ultra-precise surface with sub-micron unevenness of less than 0.0001mm.
  • A proprietary heat-treating process enables the spindle to maintain greater strength, precision and stability.
  • Larger-than-average, heavy-duty ball screws in each axis convey power more efficiently from the motor to the headstock.
  • Dovetail slides provide greater strength and rigidity.

NomuraSwiss Swiss-style turning machines are ideal for machining complex parts, working with difficult-to-machine materials, achieving fine surface finishes, and reducing tool costs


iFP high-performance Vacuum parts washers provide a self-contained, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly solution to meet your most demanding parts washing requirements.iFP systems can safely use the industry’s leading solvents, guaranteeing the best cleaning results for parts manufactured in oil or water-based cutting fluids, especially those presenting the most challenging internal or external features.

Superior solvent distillation, filtration, and oil separation designs ensure minuscule solvent consumption, reduced labor, and reduced waste disposal/handling costs.


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