EDM Network, Inc.

Address: 1974 Bucktail Lane
City: Sugar Grove
State: IL

Country: United States of America

Zip: 60554

Phone: 630-466-5588

Fax: 630-466-5599

About EDM Network, Inc.

EDM NETWORK, INC. is the exclusive importer for CHMER (Shimmer) EDM machines in the U.S. CHMER EDM is Taiwan’s largest EDM machine builder producing 45 models.  CHMER manufacturers over 135 EDM machines per month. Wire, ZNC, CNC Sinker EDMs manual and CNC Driller/Shaper EDMs

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Distributors USA

State City Distributor Website Phone
MI Pontiac Merrifield Machinery Solutions www.merrifieldmachinery.com 248-494-7335

Distributors International

Country City Distributor Website Phone
Canada Amherstburg ON MBI www.edmnetwork.com 519.982.0809