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About Horn USA, Inc.

HORN serves North America with customized tooling solutions and more than 27,000 standardized metal cutting products. The pro-active and highly skilled workforce provides tools to improve your processes and extend tool life through increased accuracy and technical expertise. HORN’s highly skilled application engineers provide a foundation of communication and reliable support. The centrally located manufacturing facility and in-house specialists are committed to providing professional and focused attention to your manufacturing needs and requirements. Horn USA is moving to a new state of the art facility in September 2020. Even as Horn USA makes a move to its new 110,000 square feet (10,220 square meters) facility, the company will continue to drive home the principles that have helped it to prosper. First and foremost, it will serve the needs of its customers through top-notch training and support and the best quality products. With the implementation of the new production area, once it reaches full capacity, Horn USA will be able to roughly triple the amount of product that it grinds in the U.S. It will also have the capability of in-house coating as well as toolholder manufacturing. The warehouse will have the capability to immediately ramp up to 350 picked line items per hour (from the existing full capacity of 175). Even with 44,600 square feet (4,143 square meters) of production space, the facility holds an additional 27,000 square feet (2,508 square meters) for future growth in that area. The future is bright for this North American subsidiary, and it is prepared for the road ahead.


  • Jet-Whirling
  • Speed-Forming
  • Supermini®
  • Turbowhirling®

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