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About Glebar Company

Grinding is only one part of a Complete Solution.

Glebar does more than build precision centerless grinders. We focus on process improvement and margin enhancement to maximize our customers' return on investment. Our modular platforms and customizable software gives us the versatility to design and deliver turnkey precision grinding solutions tailored to your specific application. We holistically review pre- and post-grinding processes including part handling, inspection, data acquisition and automation, to provide our customers the ability to do more with less – all on a smaller footprint than the competition. Explore Glebar and see why we are Innovation Manufactured.

Recently Glebar acquired Tridex Technology Ltd., a world leader in electrochemical grinding (ECG). Tridex Technology manufacturers the latest generation of Burr-free Electrochemical abrasive grinding and cutoff machines. Electrochemical grinding (ECG) is a completely burr-free process for stainless steels, Nitinol, Cobalt-Chrome, Nickel alloys, and other materials. Our advanced Electrochemical CNC grinders are used for form grinding and needle points on hypo tubes, wires, trocars, surgical blades, skives, implants, arthroscopic shaver blades, and similar medical device components. New developments include high volume grinding of Menghini tips for biopsy, cannula, and thin slot grinding down to .005" (0.13mm). For high production parts we have CNC grinders with built in pallet changer for uninterrupted production. Let Tridex show you how to improve process capability, increase productivity and reduce costs.

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