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About Excellerant, Inc.

Collaborative Manufacturing Platform™

Excellerant is a Collaborative Manufacturing Platform™ designed to measure and improve your shop’s performance. Our platform automatically collects shop data and gives your team powerful tools to visualize and optimize your production.


Real-Time Machine Data

Excellerant unifies all of your manufacturing devices in a secure CMMC compliant network. Our MDC (Machine Data Collection) hardware automatically captures uptime, part counts, cycle times, and more from both modern and legacy machines.

Contextualized Operator Data

Our tablet-optimized Shop Floor Interface is designed to make an operator’s job easier and more enjoyable. In just a few taps, operators can input and contextualize shop-floor data, such as scrap and downtime reasons. Downtime prevention buttons (i.e. “Low Material”) notify relevant team members of issues before they affect production.

Two-Way ERP Integration

Not only is your machine data pushed to your ERP, but your ERP’s job and scheduling data is pulled into our collaborative manufacturing portal. Real-time, two-way ERP synchronization keeps both your shop floor and front office up to date with the latest production information.


Machine Monitoring Perfected

Excellerant’s real-time dashboards deliver powerful insights at a glance. Downtime alerts and collaborative dashboards keep your production on track. Built-in OEE tracking makes it simple to visualize your shop’s true performance.

Keep Production Moving

Excellerant automatically detects when your machine stops running and triggers alerts to relevant team leaders. Operators can contextualize the downtime with reason codes that are saved in your machine’s performance timeline.

Enable Factory-Wide Communication

Excellerant includes a shop-wide, context-aware chat system with dedicated chat channels for each machine. Order numbers, part numbers, and other important contextual information is automatically included with each message.


Eliminate Machine Downtime

Using our built-in reports, you can measure the largest causes of downtime, both in individual machines and across your entire shop. With a data-driven approach, future downtime can be minimized or eliminated, improving your shop’s OEE.

Improve Run-to-Run Performance

Excellerant automatically captures idle states and slowdowns for each machine. This data can be visually charted and analyzed to improve future cycle times. Compare run-to-run, week-to-week, or even year-to-year performance to measure the impact of your improvement strategies.

Minimize Scrapped Parts

Excellerant’s historical reports let team leaders track scrap reasons over time, between machines, and even across shifts. Objective data makes it simple to identify and collaboratively tackle key areas for quality improvement.

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