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About CGS North America Inc.

CGS North America is the leading reseller of CAM-TOOL CAD/CAM Software and Quick Quote Mold Quoting Software in North America. CAM-TOOL is a premier surface-based CAM system, renowned for its high-accuracy 3D machining capabilities. Its precision surface-based toolpaths enable the machining of hard steel with long length-to-diameter ratio tools. With a diverse range of 3 and 5 axis toolpaths tailored to meet all machining needs, CAM-TOOL ensures precise machine movements. It is equipped with specialized tools specifically designed for mold and die makers. The upcoming CAM-TOOL Version 20, featuring AI-powered cutting condition computing, utilizes advanced data mining methodologies to automatically calculate optimal cutting conditions, even for unfamiliar materials or end mills. Backed by industry-leading professionals, CAM-TOOL offers unparalleled toolpath control and accuracy. Quick Quote Mold Quoting Software revolutionizes the creation of mold manufacturing estimates, delivering quick and accurate results. It automatically generates professional quotes, defines direct moldable areas and sliding elements, and allows for dynamic adjustment of mold plate dimensions and components, ensuring flexibility and precision. Quick Quote also features automatic detection of ribs, specific details, and negative areas, enabling accurate definition of slides and lifters. Additionally, it categorizes expenses and provides detailed reports, making cost management transparent and efficient. Visit us at booth 133149 to see how CAM-TOOL can transform your machining process and how Quick Quote can enhance your mold quoting process. Our team will offer live demonstrations and answer any questions you may have.

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