Emerging Technology Center

Address: 7901 Jones Branch Drive
City: McLean
State: VA

Country: United States of America

Zip: 22102

Phone: 703-893-2900

Fax: 703-827-5250

About Emerging Technology Center

Sponsored by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, which owns and operates IMTS, the ETC has become the “must-visit” exhibit and is renowned around the world for showcasing state-of-the-art and disruptive technologies that will impact manufacturing in the years to come. At IMTS 2004, the ETC made its debut as a place to educate, inform and excite the manufacturing community about ground-breaking innovations specific to the advanced technology industry. For 2020, we feature two extraordinary projects, one connecting the past to the present, and the other bringing the future to the here and now.

The ETC 2020 is showcasing Additive Manufacturing and its ability to reshape the building of machine tools from the ground up. Come view how low-cost, rapid fabrication opportunities can be achieved by large area polymer printing in the building of machine tool bases. The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has developed breakthrough technology that allows for the fabrication of molds for machine tool bases in a cost-effective, time-efficient manner. Motivated by this loss of foundry capability, this project is essential in re-inventing the process of machine tool base casting.

AMT’s ETC will also feature Gravity Industries and Richard Browning’s incredible jet suit. The jet suit, long an aspiration to the flight industry, is constructed via additive manufacturing (laser sintering) and powered by five turbines. It allows a self-propelled pilot to achieve heights in excess of 12,000’ and speeds of 32 mph (a world record). It’s powered by turbines attached to the arms, sides and back of the pilot, and is an innovation for our age. Created with laser sintering, it’s proof that additive manufacturing is a key to the future.

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