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About JM Performance Products, Inc.

JM Performance Products, Inc., the Industry Leader in CNC Spindle Optimization, manufactures a complement of products designed to ensure maximum toolholder to spindle contact.  JMPP's patented High Torque© retention knobs eliminate toolholder expansion caused by the installation of a standard retention knob in the V-Flange toolholder. High Torque© retention knobs are guaranteed to improve tooling performance, making V-Flange tooling the most precise, productive, and cost effective tooling system available.

JMPP is committed to helping the US become the world manufacturing leader again. By increasing tooling accuracy and tolerances, improving tool life and tool performance, reducing or eliminating vibration and chatter, improving finishes, reducing or eliminating costly secondary finishing and polishing processes, reducing set-up times, extending spindle and machine life, reducing maintenance costs and associated expensive down-time, and increasing production rates, US manufacturers are able to compete more easily in the World market. The Company's High Torque© design delivers all these benefits and more.

Proudly Made in the USA, JMPP manufactures all retention knobs from 9310H or 8620H US-made steel in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. Every pull stud is laser marked with the order date, unique serial number, and part number for complete traceability and time-in-service tracking. Individually package in spiral-wound tubes for protection, each knob is shipped with any required O-Rings. An axial force chart with installation torque specifications based upon the taper size and draw bar force is included with every retention knob. Each tube is labeled with the part number, description, and drawing for verification at the machine.

JM Performance Products offers technical support and engineering services. The company stocks over 500 difference retention knobs, and adds new inventory items as necessary.

For the best retention knobs, demand JM Performance Products' retention knobs.

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