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200 Spectrum Center Drive Suite 300 Irvine, CA 92618
United States of America

About Digipas Technologies Inc

DIGIPAS TECHNOLOGIES INC. Specializes in research, design & distribution of world-leading Digi-Pas® intelligent inclinometers, scientific levelling, angular measuring & industrial-grade tilt-sensing instruments. We provide a full range of digital levelling tools; 2-axis precision tilt-angle modules, surface flatness and 2D alignment instruments designed for scientists, industrial professionals & DIY users.

Product Categories


  • 2-Axis Inclination Sensor Module
  • 2-Axis Precision Machinist Digital Level
  • 2-Axis Ultra Precision Inclinometer
  • Digital Level Modules
  • Heavy Duty Digital Levels
  • Pocket Size Digital Level
  • Torpedo Digital Levels
  • Waterproof Digital Levels



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Articles & Product Announcements

Two-axis Ultra Precision Inclinometer Levels and Logs Data

IMTS22: DWL9000XY is an ultra-precision two-axis inclinometer with built-in surface flatness profiler and vibrometer that performs real-time data acquisition and storage. Read more on