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About Hamar Laser Instruments, Inc.

Hamar Laser is pleased to be exhibiting its highly accurate and easy-to-use laser alignment systems at the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show. We will be demonstrating our unique machine tool alignment lasers, plus our two new spindle alignment lasers (see below), at our booth.

A Pioneer in Laser Alignment for 50+ Years

A worldwide leader in laser alignment technology for more than 50 years, we design, manufacture, sell and service a broad range of high-precision laser alignment and calibration systems to satisfy virtually any alignment application.

From our patented Triple Scan® multi-axis alignment technology to our self-centering bore alignment systems to our Dual-Beam™ technology in our Stealth™ Series shaft alignment lasers, our technology truly does make us better, and allows us to offer laser systems that are more accurate, faster and easier to use than any others in our industry.

NEW for 2018: Enhanced Spindle Alignment!

Our team recently introduced two new lasers for highly accurate and fast alignment of lathes, turning centers and other machinery:

  • The L-702 Spindle Alignment Laser is a straight-line laser for spindle alignments in lathes, turning centers, OD grinders, slant-bed lathes and transfer-line and rotary-dial machines.
  • The L-702SP Spindle Alignment Laser with Scan Plane adds a perpendicular scan plane to the L-702 spindle laser beam for checking cross-slide, turret axis squareness and other milling axes in multi-axis, mill-turn machines.

We Tackle Virtually Any Alignment Challenge

We are widely known for designing practical solutions that are extremely easy to learn and use and which can quickly tackle virtually any alignment challenge. These are just a few of the many applications for our suite of versatile alignment tools:

  • Geometric alignment checks (flatness, straightness, squareness, parallelism, spindle tramming) of machining centers, boring mills, gantries, VTLs, lathes, turning centers, multi-turn machines, OD/ID grinders and surface grinders.
  • During assembly and rebuilds, checking surface and machine-bed leveling, guideway straightness, column squareness and rotary-axis squareness/parallelism without machine power.
  • Other applications include: aerospace assembly, bore alignment, extruder barrel alignment, injection molding machines, roll alignment, roll forming, shaft alignment, stamping presses, steam turbines, and much more.

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