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About Positrol Workholding

APPLICATIONS Positrol is an engineering firm first, so special applications are part of the day-to-day. This creates an environment where Positrol can develop new products and industrial workholding solutions for various industries. All new products are thoroughly designed and tested before they are quoted to a customer.

NEW PRODUCTS New workholding & clamping products are customer-driven for Positrol. Most new workholding products come from solving a customer’s problem with a unique solution. From there, Positrol may tweak the design to create a permanent, new product. Or in most cases, they simply learn from the process and file away new techniques, ideas and solutions that may be used on future projects.

SPECIAL SOLUTIONS A large percentage of Positrol’s business is focused on special applications. Sometimes these applications require a semi-standard solution or combining two products into one. Other times, these applications demand workholding that has never been done before.

In all cases, Positrol leverages their product knowledge and vast engineering expertise to come up with the best solution for the application. Our applications engineers work closely with your team to understand your part, process and ultimate goal. Then, using Positrol’s Six Step Process they make a recommendation that will hold your part repeatably that fits inside of your manufacturing and budget constraints.


  • City Machine
  • Langlois
  • Superior Cincinnati

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