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About LNS America, Inc.


LNS optimizes the performance of your CNC machines with the industry's most advanced bar feeders, chip conveyors, coolant management, air filtration and work support systems. For over 40 years, LNS has worked closely with all major machine tool builders to develop innovative technologies that reduce production costs and improve profitability. In addition, LNS provides unmatched applications assistance, customer support and technical service worldwide.

Bar Feeding Systems

  • 15 different models for fixed or sliding headstock machines to accommodate bar diameters from 0.8 mm to 120 mm.
  • Fastest and easiest changeovers with no tools needed, and many models with patented, automatic, self-adjusting features.
  • With more bar feeders in operation worldwide than any other brand, LNS has the experience to match the right bar feeder to your specific applications.
  • LNS invented the modern bar feeder in 1975, and holds more bar feeding technology patents than any other company.

Work Support Systems

  • Increase part control and stability, allow machining to tighter tolerances, enable faster speeds and feeds with LNS Steady Rest-Based automatic and manual work support systems.
  • Available for virtually all applications with diameters from 0.2" to exceptionally large diameter parts.
  • Custom designed for your specific requirements including the appropriate steady rest system, custom brackets, automatic clamp bases, valve packages, hose track assemblies as needed, and electrical connection to the machine tool interface.

Chip Management Systems

  • Handle virtually all chip types and sizes from stringy stainless steel to fine brass and aluminum.
  • Broad range of magnetic, hinge-belt, 3-D Disc and filtering chip conveyors to accomodate all applications.
  • Proprietary self-cleaning filtering systems filter out 500, 250 or even 50 micron particles, while continuously cleaning their filter boxes so you don't have to.
  • Models available to fit virtually all machine tools while, in most cases, using the existing coolant tank.

Coolant Management Systems

  • LNS ChipBLASTER high pressure coolant systems perfectly match your machine tools and applications.
  • LNS ChipBLASTER cyclone filter continuously filters coolant to 2 microns with no bags to replace, saving time and reducing coolant costs.
  • Accessories include sludge tank that holds particulates outside of the machine tool sump, and a chip chiller with 10kW (34,000 BTU) cooling capacity
  • PhaSep waste oil removal systems eliminate 99% of contaminants in water-soluble coolants.

Air Filtration Systems

  • Eliminate oil/coolant mist and smoke from CNC machines.
  • Provide a healthier workplace, reduces absenteeism and cuts HVAC costs
  • Exceed OSHA and NIOSH clean air requirements.
  • Accomodate all machine types and processes using water-soluble, synthetic or neat oil coolants.

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