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2535 S Clearbrook Drive Arlington Heights, IL 60005
United States of America

About EROWA Technology, Inc.

EROWA Technology, based in Arlington Heights, IL., is a full service supplier of palletization and automation systems for the North American manufacturing market. Our goal is to provide complete turnkey solutions for precision parts handling through most any group of manufacturing processes (from one type of machine to the next). We are capable of providing a simple manual palletization system or a fully integrated, custom designed workholding and automation system to meet the current needs and expectations of our customers.

Product Categories


  • ClampSet
  • CMM Qi
  • ERC 80 (Robot Compact 80)
  • ERD (Robot Dynamic)
  • ERE (Robot Easy)
  • ERM (Robot Multi)
  • EROWALift
  • HPC (Heavy PowerChuck)
  • ITS (integrated Tooling System)
  • JMS 4.0 (Job Management System)
  • MTS (Modular Tooling System)
  • PC210 (ProductionChuck 210)
  • PreSet 2D
  • PreSet 3D
  • Robot Six
  • UPC (Universal PowerChuck)


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