Mayfran International

Address: PO Box 43038
Address 2: 6650 Beta Drive
City: Cleveland
State: OH

Country: United States of America

Zip: 44143

Phone: 440-461-4100

Fax: 440-461-5565

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About Mayfran International

Mayfran is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized conveyor and processing systems for numerous global industries. We’re here to help across markets in ways that are cost effective, technologically advanced, operationally safe and environmentally responsible. Mayfran joined the Tsubakimoto Chain Group as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2012.

Product Categories

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  • ASB (Auto Sludge Barrier)
  • CleanSweep
  • ConSep
  • ConSep 2000
  • CS1
  • HPF (Hydrostatic Drum Filter)
  • HPF-LP (Low Profile Hydrostatic Drum Filter)
  • MagSep
  • Shuffle Conveyor
  • VacuFilter

Distributors International

Country City Distributor Website Phone
India Karnataka Miven Mayfran +91 836 221 2201
Japan Shiga Tsubakimoto Mayfran, Inc +81 74 867 1001
The Netherlands Landgraaf Mayfran International +31 45 532 9292