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About Mayfran International

Mayfran International is the world’s leading provider of quality material handling, filtration and chip removal solutions. With an unrivaled focus on engineering and innovation, Mayfran products are designed specifically for the most challenging applications, including custom solutions to meet any unique need. Plus, every Mayfran product is backed by our comprehensive, lifetime service commitment and genuine parts replacement.

We’re here to help across markets in ways that are cost effective, technologically advanced, operationally safe and environmentally responsible.

Mayfran joined the Tsubakimoto Chain Group as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2012.


  • ASB (Auto Sludge Barrier)
  • CleanSweep
  • ConSep
  • ConSep 2000
  • CS1
  • HPF (Hydrostatic Drum Filter)
  • HPF-LP (Low Profile Hydrostatic Drum Filter)
  • MagSep
  • Shuffle Conveyor
  • VacuFilter

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