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About Racer Machinery International USA Inc.

RACER Machinery International, Inc. is a quality manufacturer of technology driven machine tools made in North America. RACER takes pride in its quality right from design and manufacture using the long acknowledged ‘hand scraping’ of ways and mating components to provide the user with accuracies and rigidity that is second to none. Designing and building machinery with the RACER patented ‘Phantom Machine Technology’ ensures minimal vibrations providing quality and accuracies exceeding expectations. RACER’s recent selection by Siemens, the long-time leading manufacturer of CNC controls, has selected RACER Machinery International, Inc. to be part of its North American “Field Experience” phase for its new revolutionary SINUMERIK ONE, the first digital native CNC. SINUMERIK ONE with digital twin, is the future-oriented CNC system for highly productive machine tools. SINUMERIK ONE is much more than just a powerful hardware innovation — its digital twin makes it the key element for the digital transformation for machinery design and the machining of products. Using the SINUMERIK ONE CNC control with digital twin affords both RACER and its customers opportunities in design of machine and machining of parts that are found nowhere else. RACER supports the IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies with all its CNC products. Designing and building machinery that provide technology driven solutions requires a commitment by the builder to ensure the end user is comfortable with using and supporting this technology. RACER has made a large commitment to the training, support, and service of its products. Training of the customers operators, programmers, and maintenance personnel is accomplished in multiple levels, including using our association with McMaster University in Burlington, Ontario. By providing this high level of training up front, we give the user a comfort level that allows them to use the tools provided to correct many of the alarms. RACER machinery is located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, approximately one-hour drive from Toronto Pearson Airport. RACER designs and builds all their machinery at this location – A true North American manufacturer. RACER is the proud OEM machine tool builder of CNC and TURNKEY solution based machining centers with our patented Phantom Machine Technology™, world renowned Standard Modern™ CNC and manual engine lathes and the durable yet practical E-R Maier™ Saws - designed and made in North America. Give us a call. See how RACER can improve your processes.


  • E-R Maier Saws
  • Standard Modern Lathes

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