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CAM-TOOL is a premier surface-based CAM system renowned for its high-accuracy 3D machining capabilities. Its surface-based toolpaths are the key to its precision, enabling the machining of hard steel with long length-to-diameter ratio tools. Offering a diverse range of 3 and 5 axis toolpaths, tailored to meet all your machining needs and ensure precise machine movements, CAM-TOOL is equipped with specialized tools designed specifically for mold and die makers. What sets CAM-TOOL apart in the predictive machining world is its advanced machining templates, a feature that will reach new heights with the release of CAM-TOOL Version 20. This latest version incorporates AI-powered cutting condition computing, utilizing advanced data mining methodologies to automatically calculate optimal cutting conditions, even for materials or end mills with which users may have little experience. Backed by the industry's top professionals, CAM-TOOL is the ultimate solution for those seeking unparalleled toolpath control and accuracy.

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