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About AQG (Air Quality Group)

The Air Quality Group, family of companies, your total solutions provider for industrial air filtration systems.

Hastings Air Energy Control, the largest US independent distributor and full-service provider of custom-engineered process ventilation systems, vehicle exhaust removal systems, air filters, and energy-saving automation controls.

IVEC Systems, a line of patented Intellivent™ indoor air pollution collection equipment. Leveraging IVEC control technology, these “intelligent” collectors provide clean air with the lowest overall cost of ownership.

FumeVac weld fume extraction is the leading-edge solution for arc welding applications. Whether a manual, semi-automatic, fixed automation, or robotic welding process, FumeVac can tailor a solution to meet the specific application. Air quality conscious employers are choosing FumeVac to protect their employees and maintain a safe and contaminate-free environment.


  • FumeVac
  • Hastings Air Energy Control
  • IVEC Systems

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