MMS Top Shops

Address: 6915 Valley Avenue
City: Cincinnati
State: OH

Country: United States of America

Zip: 45244

Phone: 513-527-8800

Fax: 513-527-8801

About MMS Top Shops

The Top Shops Workshop is where leading shops of all shapes, sizes and specialties connect to celebrate their contribution to the manufacturing community and to learn about the tools and technologies that will help them continue to lead and succeed.​ Top Shops participants will notice an emphasis not just on the products and the processes that are driving manufacturing, but, more importantly, visitors will learn from and interact with their peers. Top Shops will feature other manufacturing professionals who have shared their tips, tools and technologies in an effort to not just benchmark their own business, but to provide other manufacturing enterprises information that can help them improve their operation. Topics covered will include: Advanced Machining Technology, Shopfloor Practices, Business Strategy, Workforce Development, Operational Benchmarking, Additive Manufacturing, Robots & Automation and Data-Driven Manufacturing.

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