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Join Matsuura at IMTS 2022 in Booth #338630 to discover the latest in Matsuura's technological innovations and manufacturing solutions, including the NEW MX-420 PC10, the H.Plus-300 PC15, the MAM72-52V PC15, and the MAM72-70V PC2. Matsuura recently introduced the MX-420 PC10 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center configured with 10 pallets and 90 tools. Possessing Matsuura’s legendary automation technology, the hand-built, fully automated, MX-420 PC10 provides affordable and reliable unmanned 5-axis production. This new 5-axis machine offers a larger work envelope than the MX-330 PC10 in a compact footprint. The MX-420 PC10 has exceptional ergonomics, intuitive controls, and full simultaneous 5-axis capability, allowing machine shops to meet their customers’ increasing demand for shorter lead-times and higher tolerances across multiple faces. The Matsuura H.Plus-300 PC15 Horizontal Machining Center is a highly productive machine tool with high speed, rigidity, precision, reliability, and low cost of ownership. Equipped with 15 pallets and up to 530 tools, the H.Plus-300 PC15 provides maximized and optimized unmanned production and sustained spindle and machine utilization rates of more than 90%. Designed from the ground up and based upon 30+ years of multi-pallet automation innovation and excellence, Matsuura’s MAM72-52V PC15 is a high speed, large capacity 5-axis vertical machining center that provides efficiency in cost-sensitive, high-volume markets. Matsuura’s MAM72-52V PC15 is a “factory in one machine” that enables variable-part/variable-production and extended unmanned operation. Equipped with 130 tools on a 330-tool magazine base, proven tower pallet system (PC15), and chip removal system as standard for extended lights out manufacturing. Based on many decades of leading technology and experience in unmanned machining performance, the Matsuura MAM72-70V PC2 is built from the ground up to run unattended and can perform simultaneous high-speed 5-axis machining operations. The MAM72-70V PC2 high-speed, large capacity 5-axis vertical machining center can handle larger workpieces than existing MAM72 models and offers faster response times. The MAM72-70V PC2 delivers higher productivity to meet customer’s needs, while delivering pallet and productivity solutions to keep your work center efficiently producing components around the clock. The Matsuura LUMEX Team will be available to discuss Matsuura’s Metal Additive Manufacturing Service Bureau and their production of 3D Metal printed and machined parts. Sign up to receive an exclusive gift at the booth:


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