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About VKS - Visual Knowledge Share Ltd.

VKS embraces visual learning as the way of the future. We make it our mission to provide an easy-to-use and intuitive software solution that leverages the power of images, videos, annotations, and more to create visual work instructions. As we stem from a manufacturing company, we offer the exclusive advantage of understanding the challenges faced within the industry.

The implementation of VKS enables manufacturing companies to transform into a Smart Factory by providing full control of each part of the production process. Electronic work instructions ensure everyone on the shop floor is following best practices in a standardized and efficient way. While operators have their own ways of building a product or performing a task based on their individual skill levels, on-screen work instructions provide the benefit of standardizing operations. Contributing towards a 99% reduction in training times, new employee onboarding is as simple as showing the new operator how to use the VKS software one time.

Tracking and collecting an indefinite amount of information, VKS Forms are most commonly used as:

-Pre-production checklists that confirm the use of safety equipment.

-Product Information Forms (PIFs) that prompt operators to enter information, such as work order numbers, expected setup time, expected run time, etc.

-Final inspection checklists that track single product completion and overall job fulfillment. Pre-made forms also simplify the creation of new digital work instructions by providing already-configured forms that track time, quantity, work orders, and more.

With the VKS Rule Engine, performed actions are programmable to be automatically displayed when specific conditions are met. The VKS ToolConnect IoT is also one of our most sought after features as it captures torque values and automatically displays the next step of the procedure. By connecting an ERP or MES to the VKS API, Bill of Materials (BOMs) and all other data is centralized and easily transferable to any other facility or department.

With the collection of all data in one place, full traceability is among the prime benefits of the VKS software. At every step of the process, the reporting tool allows management to create reports to track productivity statistics, expected/actual completion, pass/fail criteria and more. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are also reviewable in real time.

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