Marubeni Citizen Cincom Laser System L2000

Presented by: Marubeni Citizen-Cincom, Inc.

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Originally Aired - November 10 - 03:30 PM - 03:45 PM Central

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The Marubeni Citizen Cincom laser system L2000 is a 10 micron fiber optic system offering high precision, high speed laser cutting and welding. Incorporating the L2000 on a Cincom Swiss style lathe or Miyano Multi axis turning center provides the capability of combining conventional machining with laser cutting and laser welding on a single machine platform, reducing part handling and insuring improved part accuracies. The L2000 utilizes the IPG Photonics Fiber laser systems. IPG is the world leader in providing fiber optic lasers and is fully supported in the US. Multiple power units are available that address specific application requirements. An integrated custom designed CCD camera for optical viewing and alignment is included for X-Y beam alignment to the nozzle. The live camera view is visible on the included touch monitor. This greatly reduces set up time. The L2000 is completely interfaced to the Cincom control. Fully controlled and edited in the machine control. One of the unique features of the L2000 is that it's a modular system and not designed for a specific model Cincom or Miyano machine. The system can also be retrofitted. For additional information, please contact Marubeni Citizen Cincom at or your local Cincom distributor.


Randy Nickerson

Product Manager at Marubeni Citizen Cincom, Inc.