3M Abrasive Solutions for Robotics

Presented by: 3M Abrasive Systems Division

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Originally Aired - December 7 - 09:30 AM - 09:45 AM Central

About This Demo

Optimize your automation with 3M abrasives. Automating parts of your operation can be a daunting task. Whether you’re fine tuning an existing robotic application or just getting started, 3M offers abrasive solutions and expertise to help you automate a variety of material removal processes, from robotic grinding to robotic polishing and every step in-between. Make sure to tune in for a 15 minute demonstration on our latest automated material removal demos, using 3M abrasive belts, discs and wheels hand-picked for robotic applications to increase productivity, consistency and cost savings. Can't wait until November? See what we're up to now at 3M.com/robotics.


Sarah Mullins

Robotics Application Engineer at 3M Abrasive Systems Division