Gear Production for Shops of All Sizes: The INTEGREX i-630V AG

Presented by: Mazak Corporation

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Originally Aired - March 3 - 09:30 AM - 09:45 AM Central

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Now shops can eliminate the need for an expensive dedicated gear-cutting machine. Watch as Cybertec Product Manager Joe Kraemer and Application Engineer Mike Finn create a 2,000 lb workpiece with ID spur, double helical and OD gears on the HYBRID Multi-Tasking Mazak INTEGREX i-630V AG. This heavy-duty 5-axis machine adds Mazak's SMOOTH Gear Cutting software suite on its MAZATROL SmoothAI CNC to eliminate guesswork from programming and synchronization of turning/milling spindles at high rpm for highly refined single-setup gear milling, hobbing and skiving with smoother tooth-surface finishes. SMOOTH Gear Cutting enables operators to program workpieces including spur, helical, spiral and straight-bevel gears directly on the CNC, using a graphical user interface to fill in number of teeth, pressure angles and other data. The control generates a program that creates the toolpath automatically. Designed for heavy-duty machining and large complex workpieces, the INTEGREX i-630V AG incorporates a powerful turning spindle, a 10,000 rpm, 50 hp milling spindle and up to a 348-tool magazine.


Matt Bain

Marketing and Analytics Manager at Mazak Corporation