IMTS Conference - Innovative Grinding Applications with Modern Superabrasives

Tuesday, December 1 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Central

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Superabrasives consist of grinding, finishing and dressing tools made from superhard and wear-resistant abrasive grains such as diamond and cubic boron nitride (cBN) in metallic, resin, vitrified or electroplated bonds. Superabrasive grinding products are used to remove material and generate surfaces on several difficult-to-cut work materials. Modern superabrasives have undergone a significant evolution owing to innovations in grain and bond technology utilized for manufacturing of these specialized abrasive products. This has justifiably expanded their area of application to include not just heavy material removal applications, but also in generation of complex surfaces with very high level of surface quality and integrity requirements. This data-driven presentation will focus on educating the audience with specific type of innovations in superabrasives that has enabled their successful implementation in each of the following areas of application

  1. Superfinishing with vitrified cBN grinding wheels
  2. Slotting of aerospace engine rotors with electroplated cBN grinding wheels
  3. Peel Grinding of large spherical roller bearings with vitrified cBN grinding wheels
  4. Grinding of aerospace engine materials such as gamma titanium aluminide and ceramic matrix composites (CMC) with metal bonded and resin bonded diamond grinding wheels
  5. Grinding of gears with vitrified cBN grinding wheels
  6. Foundry/rough cutting of aerospace alloys with superabrasive grinding wheels

The presentation will thus cover and impress upon the attendee all the latest innovation and test results from application of both diamond and cBN abrasives in vitrified, resin, metallic and electroplated bonds for rough cutting, grinding, finishing and supefinishing of a variety of difficult-to-cut work materials.

Conference: IMTS Conference

Type: Manufacturing Technology



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