Case Studies in Vacuum Degreasing

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Tuesday, September 10 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Central

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Location: East Building, Room E353BC

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Title: Case Studies in Vacuum Degreasing


Presenting 4 different interesting Case Studies. Each of these case studies is how we helped solve an existing problem a customer had with alternative cleaning method (Vacuum Solvent Degreaser).

1. Case Study 1 – Reducing cleaning waste by enhanced distillation 

  • This case study will be educating on the advantage of using vacuum degreasing to reduce waste stream and reclaiming cleaning chemistry by distillation.

2. Case Study 2 – Environmental improvement and labor reduction by vacuum drying

  • This Case study is to educate customer on how vacuum drying significantly improved the environment that operators were working in. Also eliminate the need for extra steps to dry parts by the many advantages of Vacuum drying.

3. Case Study 3 – Filter drying reducing hazardous waste and reclaiming cleaning chemistry

  • This case study will dive into how filter drying works and its ability to reduce waste while saving on cleaning chemistry.

4. Case Study 4 – The power of solvent cleaning and water cleaning in 1 washing machine

  • This case study will explain in detail of how we helped customer that needed both solvent and water cleaning to solve their cleaning problem.

Type: Parts Cleaning Conference


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