IMTS Conference: Solving the Late Problem in High-Mix Manufacturing Environments

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Originally Aired - Monday, September 12 2:15 PM - 3:10 PM Central

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Location: McCormick Place, West Building - W194-A

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Title: IMTS Conference: Solving the Late Problem in High-Mix Manufacturing Environments


Most manufacturers struggle with getting their orders to their customers on time.  Today's "Hi-Mix" production environments are simply too dynamic for traditional ERP scheduling programs based on finite capacity. These older systems are unlikely to deliver a plan that can be executed by shop-floor personnel.  Even if a workable plan or schedule is created, it is soon obsolete due to the rapid and frequent changes that occur in manufacturing production environments.
Introducing a new approach:  the Dynamic Production Method.
Attendees will learn how to use this new method with the information they already have today in their ERP to gain visibility and help production personnel make the right decisions in real time. When deployed in a manufacturing environment, this methodology helps Production teams answer critical production questions such as:
- What order/job should I work on now? What should I work on next?
- Where is the job, how is it tracking?
- Do I have materials for the job now?  If not, when will I have them?
- How can I tell my customers (with confidence!) when they will get their orders?

- How can I see the OTD/Revenue impact of possible "what-if" changes in production?