IMTS Conference - Simulation Paves the Way for Productivity with Additive Manufacturing

Thursday, October 15 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Central

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The trilogy of G-code simulation/verification/optimization is critical in the AM/hybrid manufacturing environment due to the high cost of these specialized machine tools, unfamiliarity with their functions, and inexperience with additive manufacturing methods. Using digital twin machines and simulating the same NC code programs that will run on them is the most thorough way to verify additive NC programs will work to correctly and safely build additive parts. Verifying all operations, setups, and NC machines used to manufacture the part (not just a single machining operation or NC program) is the key toward having confidence the entire manufacturing process will work end-to-end.  Optimization is just as important, enabling users to create the most efficient and effective NC programs possible for machining on hybrid machines, or CNC machines that perform post-additive machining.  This comprehensive simulation-optimization approach ensures safe and proper use of AM equipment, avoids expensive machine crashes, and ensures parts are machined optimally as well as within safe operating limits of CNC machines and cutting tools.

What you will learn:

  • How simulation software can help designers create parts to suit their Additive Manufacturing capabilities
  • Why simulating post-processed NC code on digital twin virtual machines is the best way to protect your investment in additive equipment
  • Use Additive Manufacturing simulation software to validate that planned operations and setups will work, and parts are producible
  • What types of problems additive simulation can help you avoid
  • What robust additive simulation software can do in addition to just “building a part”

Conference: IMTS Conference

Type: Manufacturing Technology



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