Marion Wells

Marion Wells

Owner at Human Asset Management

Marion Wells is a talent development consultant and partner in Human Asset Management (HAM), which offers services focused on talent development, organizational strategies, program management, and sales and marketing improvement for small to midsize manufacturers. HAM’s strategies result in manufacturing clients building and strengthening their talent pipeline, their organization and their customer relationships. Marion offers clients an incredible breadth and depth of experience using continuous improvement process tools to drive change in program management and sales and marketing.

Marion works with companies that aspire to achieve significant organizational results through the development of their human capital. She has more than 20 years of business solution experience in manufacturing and the automotive industry, which gives her credibility, experience and understanding of how businesses function. She works with leaders who are committed to balancing the reality of industry and organizational challenges with the need to effectively lead others.

HAM addresses employees’ core competencies, current strengths and skill gaps to ensure they are better contributors, improve employee engagement and help organizations retain the best. All of this helps organizations understand who has what competencies and how to combine complementary strengths within a team to generate value. Marion also serves as a chair for West Michigan Tool & Die's Corporate Governance Committee and is a member of their Management team. 

Marion has been leading the charge in helping businesses future-proof their organizational culture to embrace the ongoing generational shift occurring in today's workforce, and that is why Marion is on MMT’s Editorial Advisory Board and works on workforce development projects, such as MMT’s informal mentorship pilot program.