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About Caron Engineering Inc.

Caron Engineering, Inc develops advanced sensor and monitoring technology to optimize performance, productivity, and profitability for the metal-working manufacturing industry.  These progressive solutions provide manufacturing companies with the ability to reduce cycle times, drive down tooling costs, and minimize expensive damage to their machines and workholding. Established in 1986, Caron Engineering's smart manufacturing products are sold worldwide and interface with nearly any CNC machine tool on the market, irrespective of builder. Their software-based systems utilize high precision sensors and high speed data processing units to make real-time automated adjustments, optimize machining, and provide valuable information about the cutting process and health of the machine. To learn more, visit:


  • AutoComp: Automatic Tool Wear Compensation Software
  • CEI Smart Light: Machine Status Indication Light System
  • DTect-IT: Machine Condition Monitoring System
  • TMAC: Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control System
  • ToolConnect: RFID Tool Identification and Tool Load Automation System

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